Introducing western Japan's life

I am a Japanese woman. I introduce western Japan area information and culture. And I will write about my life style. But I am not good at English.This is also for English practice.If you find an error in my text, please let me know.

Sakura in Japan Kansai countryside

The cherry blossom season has come this year.
Next year, let's go to see a lot of cherry blossoms when the infectious disease is over.
This year, I went to see the cherry blossoms in places with few people.

Many tourists often go to Himeji Castle and Osaka Castle to see cherry blossoms.
They are so wonderful.
There are many more cherry blossom spots.

Much of the land in Japan is countryside.
There are many cherry blossom spots in the countryside where few people go.

I introduce some cherry blossom spots in Hyogo-Ken.



If you want to go to the countryside, I recommend going by car.


Other flowers are also beautiful during the cherry blossom season.

Magnolia kobus


Shidare Sakura. This is a kind of Sakura.f:id:ayuruvettyco:20200410211646j:plain


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