Introducing western Japan's life

I am a Japanese woman. I introduce western Japan area information and culture. And I will write about my life style. But I am not good at English.This is also for English practice.If you find an error in my text, please let me know.

Akashi Park's Sakura

Akashi Park is in Hyogo Prefecture. Akashi is easily accessible from Osaka.
There are many cherry blossoms.
Akashi Park is perfect for cherry blossom viewing and picnic.
There are toilets, cafes and shops in the Park.
Akashi Park is not suitable for cherry blossom viewing at night. Because it's dark and the cherry blossoms aren't illuminated. And the security at night is not good.
The best time to see the cherry blossoms is around April 10.




Akashi Park is located in Akashi city, Hyogo Prefecture.
Akashi Park is just north of Akashi Station.
Access is better by train and walk.

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There are many delicious fish restaurants near here. And there is traditional fish market.

Overseas shipping.


京焼 清水焼 陶額 久蔵写・櫻図 善昇
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Kojiya dam's Sakura in Hyogo-ken

Kojiya dam is in Hyogo Prefecture. It's not famous.
There is "Nakayachiyo no mori park"  here.

Sakuras are planted along the Kojiya dam.
You can walk and cycle along the dam. There is a bicycle rental shop.
The best time to see the cherry blossoms is around April 5.




Kojiya Dam is located in Takacho, Hyogo Prefecture.
This is the countryside.
Access is better by car.

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Tojo river's Sakura in Hyogo-ken

Tojo River is in Hyogo Prefecture. It's not famous.
Amusement Park "Tojo Lake Toy Kingdom" is nearby. It is popular with families.

Sakura are planted along the Tojo river.
It is a short distance.
The best time to see the cherry blossoms is around April 5.


This is the countryside.
Access is better by car.

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Kako river's Sakura in Hyogo-ken

Kako river is the longest river in Hyogo.

This is Kako river flowing through Ono City.
Sakura are planted along the river.
It is very long distance.
The best time to see the cherry blossoms is around April 5.


Access is better by car. There is a temporary parking lot and toilet.
If you want to go by train, you have to go to Ao station in Kakogawa line. And you  walk about 15 minuit.

Ono city web site


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Sakura in Japan Kansai countryside

The cherry blossom season has come this year.
Next year, let's go to see a lot of cherry blossoms when the infectious disease is over.
This year, I went to see the cherry blossoms in places with few people.

Many tourists often go to Himeji Castle and Osaka Castle to see cherry blossoms.
They are so wonderful.
There are many more cherry blossom spots.

Much of the land in Japan is countryside.
There are many cherry blossom spots in the countryside where few people go.

I introduce some cherry blossom spots in Hyogo-Ken.



If you want to go to the countryside, I recommend going by car.


Other flowers are also beautiful during the cherry blossom season.

Magnolia kobus


Shidare Sakura. This is a kind of Sakura.f:id:ayuruvettyco:20200410211646j:plain


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Japanese comedian Mr. Ken Shimura dead.

Today, Mr. Ken Shimura dead. It was due to the new coronavirus.
I am sad. I wish his soul rest in peace.
He was the first comedian I loved since I was born. I have loved him since I was little.


This is a skit. This is popular in Japan.
He roles strange man. He sings " A strange man,  a strange man, a strange man. So a strange man 🎵"
Finally, he says "Dahunda!". Dahunda  may mean defecation. Dahunda is used in the last scene of the skit.



Wormwood is called Yomogi in japan.
Yomogi is eaten in various ways. Forexample, Yomogi Mochi, Yomogi bread, Yomogi Dango and Tea.
Yomogi dumpling goes well with red beans paste.

March-April is the harvest season for wormwood. The wormwood of this season is soft and very good smell.
So I harvest wild Yomogi in every spring. 
Yomogi often grows in sunny places.
The young leaves of the wormwood have white hair and look shiny. So you can find it immediately.


My mother cooked Yomogi Mochi. I cooked Yomogi bread. They were very delicious.
We cooked them using a home bakery.


Wormwood is good for health, chills, anemia, smooth blood flow.
In Yomogi dish preparation, wash the wormwood and boil it a little.
This boiled juice is good for skin and body when put in the bath.
Finely chop the prepared wormwood and mix it with bread and Dango dough.